Family Medicine Physician | David Schechter, MD

Family Medicine Physician Dr David SchechterFamily Medicine is a specialty that focuses on the individual in a psychosocial context. I see this as meaning that I treat YOU, not just your heart, joints, and lab tests. I try to consider a person’s health issues in the context of their whole life, their family, their work and the emotional stresses that go along with living.

I believe a good Primary Care Doctor is the the Coach/Captain of your Health Care Team. When needed, I can call upon sub-Specialists in a variety of fields to help maximize our results.

My training and Board Certification began in Family Medicine and I’ve been re-certified three times since then. I have focused on retaining the knowledge, skill base, and perspective of a Family Physician. This allows me to perform preventative, annual, and pre-operative physicals, admit you to the hospital when needed, and do procedures such as biopsying a growth or incising an abscess.

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