Trigger Point Injection report (links to a video of a successful patient)


1) Trigger point injections are a technique that can relieve pain, spasm, and increase range of motion in an area of soft tissue tightness or spasm.

2) They are performed in the office with a very small needle and are typically well tolerated by most people

3) A numbing spray can be used just prior to injection to reduce discomfort.

4) the key issue is injecting the medicine in the right location(s) to alleviate the tender, knotted-up tissues.

5) The medicine used consists of anesthetic agents (numbing medicines) such as xylocaine, lidocaine, marcaine

6) It also may include cortisone or kenalog (triamcinolone) , a potent anti inflammatory, but in small, safe amounts

7) The injections can be repeated if needed but are used judiciously along with chiropractic care, physio-therapy, and sometimes medications to get the problem to go away and stay away.


Main Benefits:

1) Needle insertion stimulates tiny nerve endings.. like Acupuncture

2) Needle insertion and fluid injection breaks up knotty tissue, relaxes it

3) Anesthetic helps to ‘reset’ the pain receptors in the tissue by temporarily numbing the area

4) Kenalog (triamcinolone) produces slow onset of longer acting anti inflammatory effect



While not a cure-all, the use of trigger point injections for severe and stubborn pain syndromes (in the first weeks or months especially) can speed up your recovery and help your other treatments be more effective.

The injections, in experienced hands can be done safely  with a minimum of discomfort.


Most insurance plans provide coverage for these office injections. As always, a medical decision to do these should weight risks and benefits of the procedure.