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Mind Body Medicine Physician David Schechter MDMind-Body Medicine is a fascinating field that I am very passionate about. My mentor in this area was John Sarno, M.D. a true pioneer. He was my inspiration as a medical student at NYU years ago. Sarno is a unique thinker who has written four popular books linking chronic back pain to emotional tension.  Dr. Sarno died in 2017 after a long, fruitful career and a long life.

Sarno’s diagnosis of TMS (tension myositis  or myoneural syndrome) has led me to develop a clinical program, written materials, a workbook, a web site, an audio program and help develop, a non-profit Research Foundation (inactive) under whose auspices I did research for several years about this approach. Regardless of your problem, I believe that having a doctor who understands the mind-body link is a big plus.

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Pain Management Program

The Mind-Body Workbook

A Thirty Day Program of Insight and Awareness for People with Back Pain and Other Disorders.

Mind-Body Website

A website I created to teach people about mind-body concepts relevant to physical illness and pain, especially TMS.

Mind-Body Medicine Audio Program

Complete educational program for mindbody treatment of back pain, Tension Myositis Syndrome, and other disorders.

Seligman Medical Institute

A medical research foundation devoted to the understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of

Tension Myoneural Syndrome and other mind-body disorders.