VIP Program

Great Care, Enhanced Service, and Faster Access

Our goal is that every patient in the practice gets great medical care and superb service. Some people have more complex needs, prefer quicker appointment scheduling, and even faster response times.  Some individuals are used to “VIP” service in other aspects of their life and are interested in the same in their doctor’s office.   Hence we have a VIP program.

  • The VIP fee is for certain “non-covered” services; your PPO insurance is still the main focus and it/you are billed for all covered services
  • The VIP annual fee begins at $500 for individuals ($1000 for couples). The couple fee now includes one adolescent or young adult child (26 or under). Some individuals, with mutual consent, are charged more due to specific needs, high frequency of phone calls/emails, etc.   The average VIP patient pays about $750 per year with some at $1000 or more.
  • You may enter the program any time during the year, for a twelve month period. renewal is up to you each 12 months. The full year’s fee is typically paid up front.
  • Patients tell us similar “Concierge services” cost $2500-$3500 per year and more at other physicians’ offices in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Pacific Palisades, Culver City, Marina Del Rey, Santa Monica, etc.
    • Some physicians are requiring a $500 “Administrative Fee” just to remain in their practice. This is becoming more common for patients in the “medicare” category and in the Beverly Hills area.
  • The VIP program offers great care, enhanced service, and reasonable annual fees which cover these “non-covered” services. You’ll even save money with complimentary form completion (usually $25-$50 per page, up to 10 pages per year included) or brief complimentary signed letters (usually $25-$50), where needed (2 per year included).
  • Our practice is very busy and in the event that I have to close the practice to new patients, the VIP program will ensure that you and your loved ones will be able to be cared for in the practice with a VIP emphasis at the front of the line.

For further questions, speak to Vanessa at the front desk 310-836-2225 or Dr. Schechter about this program and your needs.

The VIP Program helps to support the practice and ensure we can provide excellent care for all in the practice despite the challenges of reimbursement form some health insurance carriers.

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